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Fashion is all about possibilities - no limitations, no boundaries. Bringing ideas to life and defying imagination. Fashion is originality, attitude and expression.

Working together with our clients, we, at Playvest, help fashion reach everyday life.

Applying different techniques and always searching innovation in our production process we give our clients a wide range of possibilities and outcome. Differentiation is a very important part of the fashion segment and we are always testing new options to achieve it.

As for every other aspect of our work, for our outerwear solutions we work directly with the brands, frequently doing tests and providing our clients samples in order to find the solution that best meets their expectations.

Every day new challenges arrive and every day we do what we do best. Keep working, keep innovating, and keep pushing our limits to better answer our clients' and continue our path in permanent evolution.

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Seamless underwear, outerwear and shapewear