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Enhanced care and protection

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Clothes are made to protect, to preserve skin and body of exterior threats.

At Playvest, textiles' protection functions are taken to a brand new level and well-being takes on a whole new meaning. Fashion possibilities, fibre attributes and fabric potential all together to manufacture care and health related sophisticated garments.

Trough intense investigation and research, innovative thinking and advanced techniques, we are able to manufacture new generation textiles with special qualities and added value.

Our medicalwear solutions provide a wide range of protective benefits going from anti-bacteriological and anti-allergic properties to massaging and wellness applications.

Our shapewear possibilities, in particular, offer preventative measures that can delay and/or avoid certain medical procedures, aid orthopaedic problems by providing proper back support to promote proper posture and help reduce the recovery time of post partum and surgery.

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We develop products with the excellence that our clients demand and expect.