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With seamless if you can imagine it, it can be done - a sock or a dress, a scarf or a coat, name something and it probably can be developed using seamless technology.

By eliminating the fabric cutting and sewing process, there is an optimization of the production process making seamless production a lot faster than conventional. There is also a fewer product failures since most errors, since most of the garment failures are due to seam failure, which translated in better quality pieces.

The advantages behind these kind of products to consumers are vast. To name only a few: extreme comfort and support, freedom of body movement, inherent softness, greater resistance, temperature and moisture regulation and odour control, adaptability to the body...

Ideal for market niches

Due to its large versatility and wide range of possibilities and applications, seamless technology easily adapts to specific market segments. Seamless garments are gaining ground in the market and the demand for such product is increasing every day.

Some markets niches, in particular, are a true land of opportunities for seamless wear. Maternity undergarments, lingerie, sportswear, designer clothes, medical textiles are some of the specifics sectors in which seamless technology has the most significant growth perspectives.