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SICI93 is a high quality manufacturer of knitted garments specially targeted to the high-end market, working closely and effectively with some of the most prestigious fashion houses and designers in the world.

More than a supplier for these fashion houses; SICI93 is a partner, which is why they are forerunners in the industry. For over 20 years SICI93 has demonstrated a strong resilience, dedication and determination, and thankfully outstanding growth and success.

Their vision, their people and their expertise allow for the success trifecta – premium garments, on-time delivery and unparalleled service.

Best Vendor Award
SICI93 has won the Best Vendor Award, for Quality Compliance, On-time delivery/shipment, and other standards of the textile industry.

Superior Economic Performance
SICI93 was granted the PME Excelência award for its superior leadership and innovative vision.

Skin Friendly and Environmentally Safe Products
Being OEKO-TEX certified states that SICI93’s products are free of any harmful substances for humans as well as for the environment.

SICI 93 works entirely with worldwide brands and production is entirely exported

It has total flexibility to offer bespoke solutions to meet every customer’s demands

More than a textile manufacturer SICI 93 is a design partner working with its clients from idea to finished product

Contact SICI 93 for outstanding and fashionable knitted garments solutions