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Privacy Policy - General Data Protection Regulation

Playvest, S.A.  (Playvest) is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of jersey wear, having the need, in order to pursue its regular business activity, to collect and process personal data of its workers, suppliers, customers, potential clients and related third parties.

Due the fact that last 25th May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation entered in application, SICI93 reinforces its commitment to personal data holders guaranteeing secrecy, confidentiality and compliance with data processing principles and obligations imposed by the GDPR.

This policy represents Playvests commitment to personal data holders that they will be treated in accordance with the principle of minimization - treatment of the smallest possible amount of data, accessible to the least possible number of people, and all of them do so by the inherent necessity of their job function - from necessity - the data processed will be only those strictly necessary to carry out the purposes for which they are intended - integrity - data will remain reliable and complete - and transparency - transparency policy and loyalty in treatment.

At all times, the data subject will have the right to access their personal data and processing and may consult, rectify, request erasure or destruction, portability and oppose to its treatment or to the decision making based on the definition of an automated profile. In order to do so use the following contact privacy@playvest.pt

Playvest will be loyal and transparent to the data subject making ourselves available for the necessary clarifications, so that this data processing may not result in any unjustifiable damage.

To safeguard the rights of data holders, Playvest will only allow access to personal data to subcontractors who provide guarantees of treatment in accordance with the RGPD or public entities whenever required by law.

Your image will be protected and safeguarded, only being divulged when there is consent, when pedagogical, didactic and institutional context justifies it, and always so that none of the people is perfectly identifiable or identified.

Your data is not a business for us, your data is information that we need to continue with our work, maintain your employment relationship and provide you with the best service possible.