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Maternity & Nursing Wear, Style and Comfort with Seamless Knit

Pregnancy is a unique experience, each one different from the other. Ask a woman who has had several children and she will tell you dissimilar stories about her pregnancies. What remains unaltered however, are the changes a woman’s body goes through and the need for the right kind of clothing that will adapt to those changes and her needs.

From pregnancy to postnatal women are no longer willing to compromise elegance over comfort. To some extent inspired by pregnant stylish celebrities and royalty, widely portrayed in magazines and social networks,  the expecting have voiced out their need to look and feel good thought the whole maternity process. As a result we’ve seen consumer behaviour and choices undergoing great changes women are adhering to fashionable maternity brands that offer comfortable and flattering clothes.

The success story of South African award winning brand Yummy Mummy is an example of an answer to that shift in consumer’s needs. It caters to style its clients bumps with a trademark seamless collection available online and at their Flagship store.

Yummy Mummy seamless knit BodyWear collection includes three binding wardrobe items for the mom-to-be: the Extra Length Leggings, with superior quality finishing and a new silicone reinforced gusset; The Ultimate Tank Top and the Ultimate Ruche Top/Dress. The brand also offers a luxurious seamless bamboo collection comprising a Nursing Bra, a Cross Over Nursing Bra, matching Briefs and it’s renowned Extra Length Leggings.

Featured on O, The Oprah monthly magazine on February 2008 in the famous section “style report” the brand was reviewed by Primerose Moloantoa, O’s fashion editor, who stated Yummy Mummy brand “has the best kept secret” for many first-time moms-to-be.

But the secret is out and it’s everywhere from paparazzi photos to red carpet, movie premiers, fashion week the famous have set the tone for pregnancy in style, bringing their glamourous wardrobes outside despite bumps.

The days of hiding maternity shape with enormous and form disfiguring clothing are long gone. Since most women now work or stay active until term it is only natural they want to look their best as they always did.

Well established online community spreads out fashion advice at pick, from head to toe. Advices range from what-to-wear in the office from how to choose attractive maternity underwear brands.

Browsing through these forums, time and again you will find articles like “maternity essentials” or “pregnancy must-haves” for the wardrobe and there is a distinct pattern - versatile seamless knit clothes: Leggings, Yoga pants, Tops, Tank-Tops, nursing bras and briefs.

Apparel design options are as supple as seamless knit they provide flexible fit throughout pregnancy and beyond.