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Innovation is our middle name

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Keeping up to date with the latest innovations/technologies

Playvest maintains a close and collaborative relationship with a number of universities, technological centres and laboratories. We do it in order to grant our clients with a wide and innovative range of possibilities when it comes to manufacturing quality products.

Following the latest breakthroughs; thoroughly testing products, fibres resistance, flexibility and usability are great advantages and mandatory requirements when it comes to fulfilling special requests and concretizing clients' ideas.

Through our Research & Technological Development Department we can use the acquired knowledge to turn ideas into reality, to create products that meet the ever increasing market demands. We are also able to study new possibilities, ways to enhance our responsiveness, obtain more competitive prices and assure higher quality standards.

Commitment to quality, comfort, shape, well-being, functionality, fashion and innovation

Using functional textiles fibres to produce "intelligent jersey fabrics" allows us to present a wide range of multifunctional products which are actually becoming more competitive and aggressive, answering to demands and exigencies of worldwide customers.

Some of the most innovative functional fibres, as considered by international laboratories, have been used by Playvest to produce underwear and sports garments. These innovative fibres bring amazing results with recognized characteristics.

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